Mirror, mirror on the wall

green wall golden mirror Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hanging original mirrors in a narrow stairway, living, dining room or bathroom will bounce light around. It`s so vintage but looks like art installation. Collecting old hand mirrors can be a passionate hobby.

Mallorcan style decor

mix rustic modern8 Mallorcan style decor

Mallorcan style is a mix of rustic and modern and using white, black and natural colours. The interior spaces are decorated with artwork on the walls, a Morroccan rugs, rustic tables and modern chairs – a great mix of modern, rustic and ethnic.

Teaspoons wallpaper

elegant spoons wallpaper2 Teaspoons wallpaper

The wallpaper tells a tale of elegant spoons, forks for posh cakes and old keys of forgotten rooms. A motley collection, subtly decorated with colored threads and licks of paint.

Very modern neon Easter

very modern neon easter6 Very modern neon Easter

You want a very modern trend in neon celebrate Easter? How to bunt: Bright colors and toy animals have priority over the traditional Easter decoration. The napkins with garish neon pressure complement the red-pink-mixed-service wonderful.