Cozy social area of ​​Sao Paulo apartment


Renovation project and decoration made by architect Vanessa Féres, which transformed living room and balcony in a unique environment, equipped with gourmet kitchen, where the timber is responsible for the high dose of warmth.

Damigiana as Decor


Perhaps the first bottles ever to get recycled as decor: Outsize French and Italian wine bottles—known as demijohns, damigiana, and carboys—have long been put to use as sculptural objects.

Grandmother’s Rug in Modern Home


Home textiles and carpets are an important part of the decor of the houses, if you like vintage textile use it, the interior will become much more cozy, colorful and warm.

Warehouse-style Home in Hawthorn


Lucy Feagins, founder of The Design Files, an online design blog presented a  converted warehouse-style home in Hawthorn,