Mallorcan style decor

mix rustic modern8 Mallorcan style decor

Mallorcan style is a mix of rustic and modern and using white, black and natural colours. The interior spaces are decorated with artwork on the walls, a Morroccan rugs, rustic tables and modern chairs – a great mix of modern, rustic and ethnic.

Garden of a boutique hotel

outdoor spaces7 Garden of a boutique hotel

Garden of a boutique hotel, surrounded by an old wall that rose bush blooms. The whiteness of the walls contrasts with the view of the blue sea. Romantic wooden furniture are scattered everywhere. There are also large, impressive pots of green cacti.

Impressive Eco Residence

interior eco residence5 Impressive Eco Residence

In the most beautiful beach in Serifos,which is overlooking the endless blue horizon charm and the landscape of Cyclades, lies the Coco-Mat Eco Residences Serifos, where summer seems to keep forever.

Rustic and romantic Mykonos villa

traditional villa outdoor canopy2 Rustic and romantic Mykonos villa

This Traditional Villa is situated near the marvelous golden sands of Agios Sostis beach, famous for its unspoilt nature and turquoise waters.