Coway Air Purifier Odor Light – When is It on?

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Coway air purifiers are some of the most popular on the market today, and with good reason. They’re durable, effective, and affordable. But one thing that people often don’t know about Coway air purifiers is that they have an odor light indicator. This indicator lets you know when the machine needs to be cleaned or when there is a problem with the filter. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what this indicator means and how it can help you maintain your Coway air purifier. Stay tuned!

What is Coway?

Founded in 1989, Coway is a multi-national home wellness appliance manufacturer based out of Korea. They produce not only air purifiers but also water filters and bidets for those who need them most!

Coway is a home products company that makes high-quality air purifiers for homes and businesses. They pride themselves on creating the best HEPA filters because they want their customers to have clean, fresh breath without any allergens or bad smells in their homes!

HEPA filters are a great way to make sure your home is completely safe from allergens and viruses. These fibrous materials trap all the different types of particles in their filtration system, so they can’t be recycled back into circulation!

The HEPA filter is a key component in all air purifiers and helps to remove some, but not all the pollutants circulating indoors.

Benefits of Coway Air Purifier

1. It’s hard to find a more stylish, elegant and modern air purifier than the Coway. This sleek white machine is made of high quality materials with neutral colors that will fit in any type or design scheme – not only does it look great on its own but you can also pair it up with other similar devices for an even smarter appearance!

2. This air purifier is an extremely effective way to keep your home clean and healthy. It has 4-5 different filters including: coarse ones for removing large contaminants like hair – or even mold+, activated carbon which reduces odors such as gas+and HEPA filtration system that can capture pretty much anything smaller than 2 microns in size!

3. The Coway air purifier products are applied with exclusive membrane technology – herbal HEPA filter. Exclusive Herbal-Honeycomb Filters (EHF) extracted from Ginkgo leaves and Japanese Sumac tree, which have achieved HS14 certification removing up to 99% of airborne bacteria or viruses in your home!

4. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can do wonders for your health by regulating the moisture in air. They protect you from a variety of respiratory diseases, as well as those caused by excessive humidity such like eczema or psoriasis!

5. The product has more eco-friendly and energy saving technologies that work with the sensor system of odors, air, dust light humidity such as Eco function (automatically stops when activated) . The inverter technology allows it to be extremely silent while still being able power devices around your home or office on an individual basis if needed; sleep mode automatically adjust airflow rate intelligently so you can get comfortable at any time regardless what’s going through there mind ; intelligent modes uses several features including a filter replacement indicator lamp for easy maintenance.

Cons of Coway Air Purifier

  • The prices of air purifier products are much higher in South Korea, but once you factor that into account it’s not so bad. You can buy an entire unit for your home with the price ranging from $5 million up to 16 million!
  • Coway’s focus on air purification has made them missing out some popular features that consumers want. They only have 1-2 models with the ability to dehumidify or humidify, but no mosquitoes catching function – This is unlike their competitors who often offer all three functions in one machine!
  • Use this product at high power and it may cause noise.

How to Set up a Coway Air Purifier?

The air purifier automatically turns on when it’s plugged into an outlet and charged.

  • To turn on your new purifier, press the power button.
  • With so many choices and speeds, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with just a press or click.

Set auto automatic mode:

  • The Eco mode is activated when you press the speed button twice in a row.
  • Auto mode is a great way to save time and energy. With this option, you can set your preferences for the type of indoor environment that works best with various speeds from 1-3 depending on how clean or dirty things are inside!
  • With Eco Mode, your fan will automatically stop when the air stays clean for 30 minutes to help save energy in a variety of ways!

When is Coway Air Purifier Odor Light on?

The reset indicator blinks when the filter needs to be replaced. If the odor light goes on, it means your deodorization system is getting clogged and you might need another clean or replace that part!

The filter replacement cycle is automatic, but you can also force it back if needed. Press and hold the button for three seconds or longer when your water runs clear before replacing any filters in order to reset this feature:

  • When the reset function isn’t activated, press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.
  • Press the reset button to select your filter. You can choose between an odor lighting (for deodorizing) or HEPA type, which will help keep allergens out of breath and airways better than ever before!
  • After selecting the filter to reset, press and hold both buttons for 2 seconds. The accumulated time in your electronic timer will be erased!
  • In the event of a force reset, it is important to know that if there’s no input for 5 seconds then this will cancel out any active modes and return you back into standby mode.


The Coway Air Purifier isn’t just a filter-it also has the added benefit of an odor light. This is perfect for homes with pets, smokers or cooking odors. I’ve found that this air purifier really does work to remove smoke and pet smells from my home without me having to do anything but plug it in. It’s easy to use and affordable-and you can have one on your desk at work too! If you’re looking for an air purifier that will keep your living space smelling fresh while removing any bad scents, then check out the Coway Air Purifier today!

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