Top 10 Best Neuropathy Support Formula Reviews

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10 Best Neuropathy Support Formula

10 Best Neuropathy Support Formula Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Neuro Health - Nerve Support Formula - Natural Vitamins Including B12 Combined with 600mg of ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid - Neuropathy Support Supplement - 60 Count Bottle (1 Pack)
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Neuro Health's powerful combination of natural vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, D & C combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid has been specifically formulated to help ease nerve pain and numbness. Take back control of your life today and get back to the activities you love with Neuro Health
  • FAST ABSORBING FORMULA: Neuro Health is formulated to be quickly absorbed into your system to provide your nerves with the essential antioxidant rich nutrients needed to support healthy nerve function. These nutrients help ease pain and numbness by boosting the health of the nerve ending coatings that have been damaged
  • WHAT MAKES NEURO HEALTH DIFFERENT: Neuro Health prides itself in using only premium quality ingredients in the perfect combination to speed relief to your nerves. Neuro Health was Doctor formulated and made right here in the USA under the strictest quality control standards in the industry. The founder of Neuro Health suffered from nerve pain for years and made it his personal mission to develop the most comprehensive nerve support formula in the market
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand behind Neuro Health 100%. If you do not see significant results after taking Neuro Health within 4-6 weeks of use, we will give you a refund. The founder of Neuro Health knows exactly the pain you are experiencing first hand and wants to ensure you have an opportunity to try our product and get back to living the life you were meant to
Bestseller No. 2
NeuropAWAY Nerve Support Formula Pain Relief | 60 Capsules Nerve Pain Relief, Pain Relief for feet, for Burning Numbness Pain in Legs and feet Vitamin Supplement
  • 💊 WORKS FAST - Occasional Burning, Tingling, Numbness in feet?
  • 💊 SUPPORTS HEALTHY NERVE FUNCTION - for legs, feet, hands, occasional relief from nerve discomfort.
  • 💊 REDUCED NUMBNESS, TINGLING, BURNING - Clinically proven, effective supplement formula. Get relief that helps with occasional nerve discomfort symptoms.
  • 💊 3 TO 5 DAY IMMEDIATE RESULTS - - Feel better quickly and get up and running again with our most effective and award-winning formula.
Bestseller No. 3
Nerve Support Formula for The Nutritional Support of Neuropathy and Nerve Pain Relief. 120 Capsules
  • COMPLETE NEUROPATHY COMPLEX FOR NERVES - Nerve Support is one of the most up-to-date, precise nerve formulas that uses powerful and natural ingredients to provide nutritional support to those with peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain.
  • RHP NERVE SUPPORT FORMULA - Includes Highly Bio-Available Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin and Vitamin B1, Benfotiamine which increases nutritional support for the entire nervous system. Folic acid is included in the formula as it helps improve circulation. Vitamin D3 is included as research shows it provides nutritional support for nerve pain caused from neuropathy.
  • ALL NATURAL - Our all-natural, Non-GMO, neuropathy formula is not a drug. It is a product designed to provide real relief and nutritional support for people who have nerve pain or nerve damage associated with neuropathy.
  • WHY OUR NERVE SUPPORT? Most nerve supplements leave out key ingredients. Evidence indicates the ingredients used in our formula builds and maintains healthy nerves and normal nerve function. MADE IN THE USA in a cGMP, FDA Registered facility. Third Party Tested to ensure the product produced has the identity, composition, purity and potency it is represented to possess.
  • LEADING NEUROPATHY SUPPLEMENT: Our cutting edge supplements have been helping thousands of people who have Neuropathy, Nerve Pain and Nerve Damage Support a Healthy Nervous System for Over a Decade. Nerve Support Formula has been available on the market since 2004.
Bestseller No. 4
NerveReverse Neuropathy Support Formula w/ Vitamin D, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Methylfolate(B9), Methylcobalamin(B12), Benfotiamine(B1)
  • No harmful side-effects
  • Reduces Burning, Tingling, and/or numbness in 90 days or less
  • Recommended by Healthcare Providers around the World
Bestseller No. 5
Clinical Strength Neuropathy Pain Relief. Advanced Nerve Support Formula. 120 capsules
  • Best in class, proprietary combination of B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, L-Arginine and a powerful, synergistic herb blend. Put an END to the BURNING, TINGLING and STABBING PAIN once and for all.
  • BETTER B VITAMINS. Highly Bio-Available Versions of Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) and Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine) proven to increase nutritional support of the nervous system. Significantly superior body absorption than standard B1 and B12 vitamins found in other products.
  • CLINICAL STRENGTH. Compare the ingredient list and serving quantities. Other supplements pale in comparison.
  • GUARANTEED RELIEF OR MONEY BACK. Years of research, high quality ingredients and proven results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money refunded.
  • IRLT OPTIMIZED. The ONLY nerve support supplement formulated to maximize the synergystic benefits of adjunctive Infra Red Light Therapy for severe cases of neuropathy. Every serving includes a potent 500mg of L-Arginine, the critical ingredient for ending severe neuropathy pain.
Bestseller No. 6
Neuropathy Support Formula for Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Pain, with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, Vitamin D, VIT B1 and 12 (30-Day Supply) - NutriNerve
  • Promotes Optimum Nerve Health - Target nerve pain to the core and achieve optimum nerve regeneration with NutriNerve. Our all-natural neuropathy supplements work at the cellular level to facilitate deep nerve repair and ensure maximum nerve function
  • Helps Reduce Neuropathy & Nerve Damage - Oxidative stress is the imbalance of harmful radicals and antioxidants in your body. This nerve support miracle blend works by lowering oxidative stress, resulting in reduced discomfort and nerve damage
  • Relieves Nerve Pain - Powered with alpha-lipoic acid, our nerve supplements help improve nerve-related symptoms, including burning pain, numbness, and swelling. With NutriNerve’s ALA supplement, you can keep nagging pain at bay!
  • Assists in Nerve Renewal - This natural nerve repair formula helps rebuild damaged nerves caused by vitamin deficiencies and other medical conditions. It can help restore nerve signal transmission and improve micro vascularity.
  • Effective with Regular Intake - Strengthen your body’s defense against neuropathy with NutriNerve. Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening daily for 4-6 months. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions about the product - we'll be glad to assist you!
Bestseller No. 7
(5 Pack) Neuro Pure for Neuropathy, Advanced NeuroPure Nerve Support Encapsulations Formula, Nerve Damage Repair & Foot Pain Relief, 5 Month Supply (300 Capsules)
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Bestseller No. 8
Neurofix Nerve Support Formula 60 Vege-Caps |B-Vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg and Folates for Healthy Nerve Function - Neuropathy Supplement
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Ingredients of Neurofix have each been proven scientifically to help improve manifestations of nerve damage resulting from high blood sugar and other causes. Neurofix consists of 60 vege-caps that helps maintain healthy nerve function, supports healthy homocysteine levels, supports energy metabolism and provides antioxidant support as well.
  • ENDOCRINOLOGIST FORMULATED: Neurofix is an endocrinologist formulated and recommended nerve health supplement. With Vitamin B6, B12, Alpha methyl folate as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid, this formula helps to protect nerves, encourage healthy blood flow to boost the nerve function, and works great for neuropathy pain relief.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS - MADE IN USA: No additives, preservatives, dyes, colorants or excipients - Non-GMO, 100% Vegetarian, Gluten free supplement. Carefully manufactured under stringent quality control and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Neurofix can be safely used a nerve health support supplement.
  • HIGHLY POTENT: Neurofix contains highly potent and bioavailable forms of Folic Acid (L-5-MTHF), Pyridoxal Phosphate (Vitamin B6), Methyl Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These potent, high quality ingredients help in neuron conduction and function and can also be used also as immune health supplements, an alpha supplement, an antioxidant supplement for women and men and more.
  • IMPROVES NEUROPATHIC SYMPTOMS: Eases tingling, numbness, burning and stinging sensations. Supports healthy nerve function, maintains a healthy immune system, healthy homocysteine levels and provides antioxidant support. Helps to sleep better at night. Use Neurofix as a vitamin B-12 supplement, nerve supplement, diabetic neuropathy supplement, diabetic neuropathy pain relief and more.
Bestseller No. 9
(2 Pack) Neuro Pure for Neuropathy, Advanced NeuroPure Nerve Support Encapsulations Formula, Nerve Damage Repair & Foot Pain Relief, 60 Day Supply (120 Capsules)
  • neuro pure
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  • neuro pure for neuropathy foot pain relief
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  • neuropure pure encapsulations
Bestseller No. 10
NUPHORIA cmⓇ - Gold Neuropathy Support Formula for Neuropathy Pain Relief, Nutritional Supplements for Nerve Health- 30 Day Supply 60 Count
  • Alleviates Nerve Pain - NUPHORIAcmⓇ Gold assists with peripheral nerve repair and regeneration resulting in reduced foot pain and leg pain. As a result, as nerves repair you will experience reduced foot pain and leg pain - NUPHORIA cmⓇ Gold assists you with pain management by repairing damaged nerves. It contains R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, shown to be twice as potent as Alpha Lipoic Acid, which acts against numbness, and the burning or tingling sensations in your feet, legs, hands, and arms.
  • Effective Nerve Support Formula – Clinical studies reveal that 600mg of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid provides nerve damage relief and facilitates nerve repair and regeneration, while helping you lessen the symptoms of neuropathy. It improves nerve signals and communication, lowers elevated glucose levels, and smashes insulin resistance.
  • Combines Powerful Ingredients – Our neuropathy formula delivers powerful results. It uses vitamins B12 (methylcobalamin), B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate), and B1 (benfotiamine), R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, and folate to help you with healing foot, leg, arm, and hand pains.
  • Highest Bioavailability Found – The quality of ingredients and therapeutic doses used in NUPHORIA cmⓇ Gold allow the best absorption into nerve cells. Because 70 million people suffer from gastric dysfunction, which can interfere with the absorption of even the best ingredients, we add specific enzymes - namely, protease, amylase, and lipase, into our formulation. These allow for maximum absorption of nutrients by your nerve cells and help regulate the nerves as well.
  • Clean, Safe Ingredients - Unlike other nerve support, nerve repair, and nerve pain products, our nerve vitamins don’t contain any harmful fillers, harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients, Gmos, preservatives, added sugar, and artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. NUPHORIA cmⓇ Gold is Gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

What is the latest treatment for neuropathy?

FDA approved a new capsaicin drug for treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) of the feet in July 2020. Qutenza, from Averitas Pharma – the US subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal – is a cutaneous patch that delivers prescription-strength capsaicin (8%) directly to the skin.

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Does vitamin b12 help repair nerve damage?

Vitamin B12 Enhances Nerve Repair and Improves Functional Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury by Inhibiting ER Stress-Induced Neuron Injury. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common causes of neurological damage in young human populations.

What is the strongest drug for nerve pain?

Tramadol is a powerful painkiller related to morphine that can be used to treat neuropathic pain that does not respond to other treatments your GP can prescribe. Like all opioids, tramadol can be addictive if it’s taken for a long time. It’ll usually only be prescribed for a short time.

Is walking good for neuropathy?

Walking can reduce the pain and other symptoms of neuropathy from the nerve damage in your feet and lower legs. Walking and other light aerobic exercises have various benefits for people affected by neuropathy, which is a wide range of conditions involving disease and damage to the peripheral nerves.

Will CBD oil help neuropathy in feet?

Besides people who have diabetes, those who are substantially overweight, smoke or who have kidney disease are also at risk for diabetic neuropathy. Hemp-derived CBD oil can help with pain management, inflammation management and neuroprotection of the foot.

Is there a cure for neuropathy in the feet?

There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy but proper treatment will slow progression and address your symptoms. If the cause of the foot neuropathy is known, then treatment of the underlying cause may provide relief.

What can make neuropathy worse?

Stress and Emotions Strenuous exercise and the accompanying soreness can contribute to nerve pain during the night. Living in a chronic state of stress will wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. High stress levels could be a reason why neuropathy is worse on some days, as well as when you take medications.

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Why does neuropathy get worse at night?

At night our body temperature fluctuates and goes down a bit. Most people tend to sleep in a cooler room as well. The thought is that damaged nerves might interpret the temperature change as pain or tingling, which can heighten the sense of neuropathy.

Does neuropathy ever go away?

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may lessen or go away over time, but in some cases they never go away. These are some ways to learn to live with it: Use pain medicines as your doctor prescribes them.

Do compression socks help with nerve pain?

While there is no instant cure outside of surgery, compression socks may provide some form of sciatica nerve pain relief. By constricting the foot and calf areas, compression socks can prevent fluid and blood from pooling in the feet.

Is Vicks Vapor Rub good for neuropathy?

Vicks Vapor Rub® – Massaging one’s feet with Vicks, particularly at night, soothes neuropathic pain and distress in one’s feet and legs. It is also excellent for softening your toe nails and diminishing common toe nail problems.

Does apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain?

Can Apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain? Yes. You can relieve neuropathic pain by using Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies used for the treatment of neuropathy.

Is it OK to take 1000 mcg of B12 a day?

The recommended dose for treating vitamin B12 deficiency is 1000 mcg daily. The recommended dose for preventing vitamin B12 deficiency is 1500 mg or 2500 mcg (sublingual tablets) daily. The dose for treating hyperhomocysteinemia is 400 mg daily in combination with folic acid.

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Is banana good for nerves?

Bananas are also a rich source of potassium, an electrolyte that supports cells in nerves as well as the heart and other muscles. Having too little potassium in your diet can contribute to a number of health problems, including high blood pressure (hypertension).

Are eggs good for neuropathy?

Omega-3 oils tend to reduce inflammation, while omega-6 oils make it worse. The following foods have the potential to increase pain in neuropathy: dairy products, wheat, citrus fruits, corn, caffeine, meat of all kinds, nuts and eggs.

Does caffeine affect neuropathy?

Though caffeine can have its benefits, too much can put undue stress on your nerves. While caffeine is not proven to play a role in causing neuropathy5, the stress on the nerves can add to your neuropathy pain. Understanding caffeine’s effect on your body can help you manage your neuropathy symptoms.

Can I take gabapentin as needed for nerve pain?

The exact way that gabapentin works to relieve pain is not known. It may change the way the body senses and reacts to pain. Gabapentin is used to manage long-term (chronic) pain, not to be taken for pain as needed.

Is tramadol good for nerve pain?

Evidence-Based Answer. Tramadol is an effective treatment for neuropathic pain. One out of four patients who take the medication achieves at least 50 percent pain relief.

Does gabapentin help neuropathy numbness?

What is the benefit of taking Gabapentin? The benefit of taking Gabapentin is that it can ease long-term (chronic) nerve (neuropathic) pain such as burning, tingling, shooting, pins and needles and ‘strange’ sensations. Gabapentin can also improve your sleep.

Does elevating legs help neuropathy?

I find sleeping on my back and elevating my legs on pillows at a 45-degree angle helps. It relieves numbness and back pain.

What can a neurologist do for neuropathy?

Our neurologists prescribe medication to treat neuropathy. A procedure called plasma exchange can help some people with peripheral neuropathy achieve remission.

What causes neuropathy to flare up?

It’s usually caused by chronic, progressive nerve disease, and it can also occur as the result of injury or infection. If you have chronic neuropathic pain, it can flare up at any time without an obvious pain-inducing event or factor.

Is CBD gummies good for neuropathy?

With neuropathy, CBD research is even more limited. However, there’s some promise that CBD can help with neuropathy pain. And because CBD has relatively mild side effects, using CBD to help ease this type of pain may be an acceptable alternative to other potential pain relievers, like opioids.

Is CBD cream good for neuropathy pain?

Older research suggests that products containing CBD and THC may help alleviate pain in people with nerve damage, chronic neuropathic pain, and peripheral neuropathic pain. One 2016 study examining the application of a CBD gel onto rat skin concluded that it can reduce inflammation and pain.

How serious is neuropathy in feet?

If the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy is not treated, you may be at risk of developing potentially serious complications, such as a foot ulcer that becomes infected. This can lead to gangrene if untreated, and in severe cases may mean the foot has to be amputated.

What is the life expectancy of someone with peripheral neuropathy?

There are several key factors that affect a patient’s prognosis in familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP), but most people with the rare, inherited, progressive disease have a life expectancy of about 10 years after being diagnosed.

Is neuropathy a disability?

Neuropathy is considered a disability by the SSA. The SSA refers to a medical guide called the Blue Book when evaluating eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. Section 11.14 of the Blue Book lists the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that might make you eligible for financial assistance.

What happens if neuropathy is not treated?

If the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy isn’t treated, you may be at risk of developing potentially serious complications, such as a foot ulcer that becomes infected. This can lead to gangrene (tissue death) if untreated, and in severe cases may mean the affected foot has to be amputated.

Can you live with neuropathy?

The good news for those living with neuropathy is that it is sometimes reversible. Peripheral nerves do regenerate. Simply by addressing contributing causes such as underlying infections, exposure to toxins, or vitamin and hormonal deficiencies, neuropathy symptoms frequently resolve themselves.

Can neuropathy in toes be reversed?

If the underlying cause of the neuropathy can be treated and cured (such as neuropathy caused by a vitamin deficiency), it’s possible that the neuropathy can be reversed too. However, frequently by the time individuals are diagnosed with a neuropathy, there is some degree of permanent damage that can’t be fixed.

Can you have neuropathy without diabetes?

Because 60-70% of people with diabetes have some nervous system damage, there’s a perception that only people with diabetes can develop peripheral neuropathy — but that’s not true. Because lots of other things can cause the condition, anyone can suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

Are compression pants good for neuropathy?

Most people think the increased blood flow velocity and the compressed fabric on your skin will help with the burning sensation and discomfort that often accompanies peripheral neuropathy. Compression garments have also been said to reduce cramping and help with nerve and temperature sensitivity.

What vitamin is used for neuropathy?

B vitamins are useful in treating neuropathy since they support healthy nervous system function. Peripheral neuropathy is sometimes caused by a vitamin B deficiency. Supplementation should include vitamin B1 (thiamine and benfotiamine), B6, and B12. You may choose to take these separately instead of as a B complex.

Does neuropathy affect your knees?

Neuropathy refers to peripheral nerve damage or disease leading to dysfunction, which can manifest clinically as hypesthesia, paresthesia, neuropathic pain, or weakness. The fibular, tibial, sural, and saphenous nerves are all in close proximity to the knee and are susceptible to injury.

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