Top 10 Best Sudoku Hand Held Game

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10 Best Sudoku Hand Held Game

10 Best Sudoku Hand Held Game Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Bits and Pieces - Deluxe Sudoku Handheld Game - Electronic Pocket Size Sudoku Game, LED Screen, Great Gift - Measures 2-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Long x 3/4" deep
  • Play the fascinating game of Sudoku in a fun hand-held electronic game.
  • Featuring three levels of difficulty and includes sound function, memory function, sleep mode and automatic answer correction to check your answers.
  • The LED screen is easy to read.
  • Instructions included.
  • Measures 2-3/4" wide x 4-3/4" long x 3/4" deep.
Bestseller No. 2
Techno Source Illuminated Touch Screen Sudoku Puzzle Game
  • Includes over 1,000,000 puzzles
  • It is extra stylus
  • Features LED light
  • Notes feature
  • Puzzle input and solve feature
Bestseller No. 3
SUDOKU Handheld Game
  • EACH
  • Offers randomly generated puzzles in 3 skill levels
  • Touchscreen display and stylus for easy input
  • Allows you to create your own puzzles and see if there are any solutions
  • Input a printed puzzle from a newspaper or book and try to solve with this device
Bestseller No. 4
Excalibur Electronic NY53CS New York Times Touch Screen Sudoku Game
  • More than 800 games
  • 3 levels - easy, medium and hard
  • Touch Screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
Bestseller No. 5
Excalibur Electronic Sudoku Handheld Game
  • over 16,000 puzzles
  • 4 skil levels
Bestseller No. 6
Big Screen Sudoku
  • Over 100,000 puzzles
  • Three difficulty levels plus hint and puzzle checker
  • Built-in timer
  • Choose from either 6 x 6 or 9 x 9 playing boards
  • Challenge yourself with the ultimate puzzle - Sudoku
SaleBestseller No. 9
Sudoku Mega Screen - Illuminated Electronic Mega screen
  • The new Sudoku Mega Screen is fully illuminated to play any time-anywhere, and our electronic version is hands-down the best way to play! There are no buttons to push and no erasing.
  • Plus, there’s a built in tutorial and up to 8 levels of play from Beginner to Advanced modes. And best of all, your Sudoku Mega Screen will even give you hints if you need them!
  • You can time your game to beat the clock, or save your most recent game. You’ll enjoy over two million game combinations, and you can even input puzzles from your favorite source to solve or play!
  • Grid/ game space, Touch wand, On/Off button, select skill level of beginner or advanced
  • On/Off illuminated screen button, Sudoku Mega Screen is the amazing electronic phenomenon that’s so easy to play!
Bestseller No. 10
DistiKem(TM) 2006 Techno Source Sudoku Illuminated LCD Touch Screen Hand-Held Game Unit (Whit
  • 2006 Techno Source Sudoku Illuminated LCD Touch Screen Hand-Held Game Unit (Whit

Who is the owner of sudoku?

Maki Kaji spotted a number puzzle in an American magazine one day in 1984 when he was on the way home from a horse-racing track in his native Japan. He refined the puzzle and gave it a Japanese nickname, later abbreviated as sudoku. The puzzle magazine was published by him with some friends.

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Can You Play sudoku against friends?

Sudoku Multiplayer is a multiplayer Sudoku game. This allows you to compete against other players online, and test your Sudoku skills. Sudoku Multiplayer also features a single player mode where you can practice and earn coins and experience points for higher and more difficult levels.

What is the origin of sudoku?

The Sudoku story began in 1783 when Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, devised ‘Latin Squares’, which he described as ‘a new kind of magic squares’. Euler had created a grid that allowed every number or symbol to appear once in each row and column. We still call the puzzle Number Place.

Is Sudoku good for your brain?

Sudoku, crossword puzzles and taking classes can all help to delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. And, says Snyder, while it offers good exercise and stimulation for the brain, sudoku can actually be very relaxing.

Does Sudoku make you smarter?

According to scientists, brain training games won’t make your brain smarter. A study shows that while sudoku practice or brain training apps can make you more skilled, it doesn’t improve your IQ or overall brain power.

What is HoDoKu?

HoDoKu is a Java-based Sudoku Helper that can be used in English or German. Create sudokus in five different difficulty levels. You can manage multiple sudoku solutions and save your sudokus to disk.

How old is Sudoku?

Leonhard Euler from Switzerland, a mathematician, created ‘Latin Squares’ in 1783. He described them as ‘a new form of magic squares’. Euler created a grid where every number, or symbol, appears only once in each column or row.

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Is Sudoku Japanese or Chinese?

In Japan, Sudoku was introduced in 1984.

How do you play friends Sudoku?

Is Sudoku good for brain?

Sudoku or Crosswords May Help Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger. New research finds that solving puzzles may help you stay “sharp.” A new study adds more evidence that puzzles can be effective for brain health. On short-term memory tests, puzzle takers had brain function equivalent to eight years younger.

Do you need wifi to play Sudoku?

Microsoft Sudoku can be used offline or on the Xbox network. It has six difficulty levels, a featured Sudoku of the Day, Irregular and Ice Breaker modes, and more. You can save your progress if you have an Xbox network account.

What happens if you play Sudoku everyday?

Sudoku is a game that rewards repetitive practice. Sudoku is a game you can play daily. It will help you to develop a sense memory for the puzzle grid.

Is Sudoku good before bed?

Sudoku, word searching, and sometimes a puzzle are my favorite things to do. All of those things are great to do, but puzzles before bed assist in melting any mental stress. For people like me, (a homebody on the introvert side) it’s easy to get mentally exhausted and drained from things that happened during the day.

Is Sudoku a math?

Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle. They really mean that Sudoku does not require arithmetic. Sudoku puzzles are solved using mathematical thinking.

Can you play sudoku online with friends?

Sudoku Multiplayer allows you to play against other online players and challenge your Sudoku skills. Sudoku Multiplayer also has a single player mode that allows you to practice, earn coins, and accumulate experience points for harder levels.

Is sudoku a Japanese word?

The name “sudoku” is abbreviated from the Japanese suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru, which means “the numbers (or digits) must remain single.” It was even discovered in an Australian jury trial that instead of listening to evidence a number of the jurors were playing sudoku. The trial was declared to be a mistrial.

Can you play sudoku online?

Get Sudoku for Free! Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Sudoku’s goal is to fill a 9×9 grid of numbers with numbers, so that each row and column contain all the digits between 1 & 9. Sudoku is a fun online game that will quickly become your favorite.

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Does Sudoku help with dementia?

“While Sudoku and other brain games may not prevent dementia from developing, it has been proven that mentally challenging yourself regularly can help your brain cope with the disease.

How do you use Hodoku?

Is Sudoku a Chinese game?

Named Sudoku (or more accurately Shu Du), the Japanese characters Su (meaning number) and Doku (“meaning single”) are the origins of the name. However, this name was not created in Japan. Sudoku was originally created in Switzerland, and it then traveled through America to Japan.

Who writes Sudoku?

TOKYO — Maki Kaji, who was the creator of Sudoku the number puzzle, has died. His Japanese company reported Tuesday. He was 69, and had bile tube cancer.

What does it mean if I am good at Sudoku?

Sudoku pros are known for their quick learning ability and ability to recognize patterns quickly. The ability to spot patterns immediately means that players can quickly identify opportunities and even predict or anticipate how many are needed.

Can a Sudoku be unsolvable?

These difficult puzzles might seem impossible to solve for anyone but a dedicated Sudoku expert. We sometimes receive puzzles that our users consider ‘unsolvable’, but with a bit of study they can usually be solved.

Which country did Sudoku originate from?

Maki Kaji, president of Nikoli Puzzle Company, introduced the puzzle to Japan as Suji Wa Dokushin ni kagiru in April 1984. This translated into “the digits should be single” or as “the digits can only occur once.”

What language does Sudoku come from?

The name Sudoku or more correctly Shu Du comes from Japan and consists of the Japanese characters Su (meaning ‘number’) and Doku (meaning ‘single’) but the was not invented in Japan. Sudoku was originally created in Switzerland and traveled by American to Japan.

How do you solve Sudoku in 1 minute?

How do you play the same Sudoku game?

How do you beat Sudoku?

Although there are many ways to solve Sudoku puzzles, Conceptis Puzzles says that the easiest is to “Scan rows or columns within each triple box area, eliminating numbers and squares, and finding situations where only one number can fit into one square.”

Are there online sudoku competitions?

WPF Sudoku / Puzzle Grand Prix 2021. The World Puzzle Federation invites you to the 9th WPF Online Sudoku Event and the 8th WPF Online Puzzle Event. All the logical puzzles and Sudoku fans can take part and compare their results with the world’s top players without leaving the comfort of their home.

How do you solve the sudoku evil level?

Does Sudoku go diagonal?

Does sudoku go diagonal? The short answer is: no. In regular sudoku there are no diagonal rules that state the two 9 cell diagonals must contain all the numbers 1 through 9. The diagonal rules are not necessary unless you’re playing regular sudoku.

What age is Sudoku for?

Each of the smaller, 3×3 blocks within the grid must contain the numbers 1, 2, and 9. Although the game has no inappropriate content, players must have basic knowledge of math and numerals in order to play Sudoku.

Is there an app for Sudoku?

Millions of people play sudoku daily and it’s truly a game for everyone! offers thousands of classic sudoku puzzles. This app will help you relax, unwind, and keep your brain active. Start playing now! Classic sudoku for beginners and advanced players.

How many different Sudoku games are there?

There are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible solvable Sudoku grids that yield a unique result (that’s 6 sextillion, 670 quintillion, 903 quadrillion, 752 trillion, 21 billion, 72 million, 936 thousand, 960 in case you were wondering). That’s way more than the number of stars in the universe.

Is good Sudoku coming to Android?

Good Sudoku is coming to iOS from Jack Schlesinger (respected casual game designer) this week. It’s possible that it will also be available for Android. Gage replied to a Twitter query yesterday and stated, “nope. Haven’t abandoned android. But still going through @NoodlecakeGames”.

Can I play Sudoku on my iPad?

Just Sudoku puzzle app, iPad’s best sudoku app, is just what its name implies: it is a sudoku game with the game at the center. Just Sudoku’s interface is straight forward and simple in the right spots.

How do you play Sudoku for beginners?

How many levels are in Brainium Sudoku?

Our Sudoku puzzles are endless and offer five difficulty levels.

What game does not need data?

1. Picross Touch. Picross Touch is one of many implementations of nonograms, a simple logic puzzle game that’s kind of like a mix between sudoku and pixel art.

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