Top 10 Best Viewhd Hdmi 1X2 Splitter

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10 Best Viewhd Hdmi 1X2 Splitter

10 Best Viewhd Hdmi 1X2 Splitter Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
ViewHD 2 Port 1x2 Powered HDMI 1 in 2 Out Mini Splitter for 1080P & 3D | Model: VHD-1X2MN3D
  • The model "VHD-1X2MN3D"may come under two labels: U9 or ViewHD; HDMI 1.3 supports 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p + 3D; for 3D application, both of the connected displays must support 3D for 3D to work.
  • This model is for 1080p@60Hz or lower video. Please check our latest "U9-Pluto" model instead, the U9-Pluto model can completely replace this model and is compatible to HDMI v2.0 source and displays
  • HDMI 1x2 Splitter provides the same video and audio signals identical to HDMI input signal at both outputs at the same time.
  • Durable and reliable full metal jacket construction; package includes: universal 100V - 240V AC to DC 5V1A Universal power adapter with US plug, user manual and 1x2 DHMI splitter
  • Edid duration 4 seconds. This model doesn't support CEC, CEC is not a suitable feature for HDMI splitter, it is good for HDMI switch.
Bestseller No. 2
ViewHD HDMI Splitter 1x2 | Support 1080P & 3D | One Input to Two Identical Outputs | VHD-0102M
  • Splitt one HDMI input signal to two HDMI output signals identical to the input signal
  • Max bandwidth : 10.2Gbps, Support 3D, Support CEC
  • Support Digital audio format, DTS-HD/Dolby-True-HD/LPCM7.1/AC3/DTS/DSD
  • Support deep color 30bit, 36bit, blu-ray 24/50/60fs/XvYCc
  • HDCP 1.4 Protocol Compliant; Support output HDMI 1.3 cable up to 25m AWG26; Full-HD 1080P cascade above 4 layers
SaleBestseller No. 3
ViewHD 5 Port HDMI 2.0 5x1 Switch | 4K@60Hz | HDCP 2.2 | HDR & Dolby Vision | Model: UHD5X1
  • HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2, 18Gbps state of the art 5x1 switch to support up to 5 HDMI sources
  • Support HDR, and Dolby Vision; support all HDMI Audio formats specified by HDMI V2.0b including Dolby Atoms
  • Support wide range of HDMI sources including FireTV 4K, Roku Ultra, Xbox, PS4, Chromecast Ultra, Applet 4K, Ultra HD Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Blu-ray, cable and satellite receivers, etc.
  • Support input auto-switching function: press and hold the "Switch" Button for 5 seconds to enable or disable the input auto switching function
  • Full metal jacket construction to provide superior durability and reliability; one year manufacturer warranty
Bestseller No. 4
ViewHD HDMI 1x2 Splitter with IR Extender Function | Support 1080P & 3D | VHD-H1X2Si
  • Advanced Power Splitter: 1 HDMI Input, 2 HDMI Outputs; with Reset Button
  • HDMI v1.3b Support 3D & Full HD 1080P; HDCP v1.2
  • Integrated Super IR Control System, Forward or Backward
  • Built-in Equalization Support Output 20Meter AWG24 HDMI Cable
  • Durable High Quality Full Metal Jacket Construction
Bestseller No. 5
ViewHD Ultra HD | 4K HDMI 1x2 Mini Powered Splitter | HDMI v1.4 | Model: VHD-Pluto
  • HDMI 1x2 splitter supports all HDMI video formats upto Ultra HD, HDMI v1.4a; 4Kx2K@30Hz and 3D
  • Support all HDMI audio formats; Support deep color up to 48bit; HDCP Compliant
  • This Model Doesn't Support CEC
  • In durable full metal jacket; comes with universal 5V DC Power Adapter with US plug
  • ViewHD one year warranty
Bestseller No. 6
ViewHD UHD 18Gbps Audio Extractor Support HDMI v2.0 | HDCP v2.2 | 4K@60Hz | HDR | Dolby Vision | ARC | 3.5MM Analog Audio & SPDIF Toslink Optical Audio Output | HDMI Audio Output | Model: VHD-UHAE2
  • Buy this item (for HDMI v1.3, v1.4 and v2.0 receiver) or the VHD-U4X1AS model to enjoy the latest HDMI 2.0 video without the needs to upgrade to HDMI v2.0 receivers, because it has a dedicated HDMI output to support HDMI receivers!
  • With latest (March 2021) firmware update, no more known issues. This model can accommodate all HDMI audio receivers for user to enjoy the latest 4K HDR Dolby Vision video. HDMI 2.0b (18Gbps) HDCP 2.2, with custom audio EDID management.
  • Best Compatibility: Support Roku Ultra, Chromecast Ultra, Blu-ray Players, Nvidia Shield / PRO and Plex / KODI, FireTV 4K, Cable and Satellite Boxes.
  • Use "Out2" EDID setting for dedicated HDMI out2 audio to HDMI receiver, support all advanced HDMI audio formats your HDMI receiver can handled. This out2 HDMI audio port is to be connected to the regular HDMI input of the audio receiver, not the ARC port; it does NOT support ARC protocol, not compatible with Sonos HDMI ARC input port.
  • Use "5.1CH" setting for Dolby Digital / DTS 5.1CH audio from the Optical Audio Output. Use "7.1CH / DD+" setting for Dolby Digital Plus audio extraction, DD+ audio signal is available from the HDMI Out2. HDMI out1 port has the same video and audio signal identical to the HDMI input.
Bestseller No. 7
ViewHD HDMI 4X1 Switch with Audio Extractor | HDMI + Optical + Headphone Audio outputs | 4K@60Hz | HDR | ARC | Auto Switch | Model: AU4X1
  • AU4X1 is an advanced HDMI v2.0 4x1 Switch, supports 4K@60Hz, ARC, HDR, Dolby Vision and Audio Extraction
  • Audio Extraction Features: a dedicated HDMI audio-only output (HDCP v1.4) to provide the best compatibility and supports all audio formats for HDMI receivers; Optical audio outputs supports audio formats up to DD5.1CH and DD+; 3.5mm headphone output supports incoming HDMI 2CH stereo audio formats.
  • Integrated programmable input auto switching function, which can be enabled or disabled for best flexibility
  • HDMI OUT A port supports CEC, HDMI audio-only OUT B port does not support CEC. Please do not use OUTB for CEC related application.
  • Lifetime technical support and one-year warranty with free extension to two-year (check user manual).
Bestseller No. 8
ViewHD Prosumer UHD HDMI 4X1 Switch with Audio Extraction | Dedicated HDMI Audio Output | 18Gbps | 4K@60Hz | Dolby Vision & HDR | HDCP 2.2 | Model: VHD-U4X1AS
  • If you are looking for an HDMI switch for the latest HDMI v2.0 4K Dolby Vision / HDR video while keeping the earlier generation HDMI receiver for audio, then this is the ideal product for you. This 4x1 HDMI 4K HDR switch is HDMI V2.0b, Supports 4K@60Hz 18Gbps HDR & Dolby Vision and ARC.
  • It has two HDMI outputs: output A supports HDMI V2.0b, output B (for audio) also supports HDMI V1.4 video, therefore it can also be used as an HDMI V1.4 4x2 switch splitter for video up to 4k@30Hz, output B is an audio only port if incoming HDMI signal is HDMI v2.0. Out B can only be connected to the regular HDMI input of receiver or soundbar, it can not be connected to HDMI ARC port of the sound bar or receiver.
  • It has three audio outputs: HDMI output B, TOSLINK and 3.5mm headphone jack. HDMI output B supports HDMI v1.3/v1.4/V2.0 receivers; optical TOSLINK port supports all audio formats up to Dolby Digital 5.1CH and Dolby Digital Plus; 3.5mm port is good when incoming HDMI audio is stereo, HDMI Output B and TOSLINK support ARC at the same time, 3.5mm port does not support ARC; ARC audio supports DD5.1CH format, does not support DD+.
  • It has input auto switching function based on input power sensing, the auto switching function can be enabled or disabled. It has 5 different custom audio EDID settings for different audio applications
  • This is a prosumer grade advanced HDMI 4x1 switch for HDMI receiver theater application, please make sure to read the detailed user manual before installation and feel free to contact u9ltd for technical support, contact info is listed in the user manual
Bestseller No. 9
ViewHD HDMI 6x2 Matrix Supports | HDMI v1.4 / 4K@30Hz | ARC | Toslink Audio Output | 3.5mm Headphone Output | Model: HM6X2i
  • Six HDMI inputs to two HDMI outputs A and B; can be the same input or different inputs for both outputs; matrix means any input can go to any output.
  • Supports full 1080P HD, 3D and 4K (HDMI v1.4 4096x2160@24fps or 3820x2160@30fps)
  • Support three custom audio modes: 2.0 / 5.1 / ADV for different audio applications; ADV mode supports the HDMI receiver audio application.
  • HDMI output A supports ARC function; ARC audio is available from the SPDIF Toslink port ONLY; analog audio output does not support ARC
  • Special ADV mode supports HDMI audio receiver application (OUT A goes to TV, OUT B goes to the HDMI receiver)
Bestseller No. 10
ViewHD Prosumer Ultra HD | 4K@30Hz HDMI 1x4 Splitter with Advanced Programmable Video and Audio Features and Remote Control | VHD-PRO1X4i
  • Supports all HDMI formats up to Ultra HD / 4K 4096x2160@24fps or 3820x2160@30fps; this model does not support CEC
  • Three programmable video EDID settings provides unparallel convenience for 3D and 4K display applications in a HDMI splitter setup
  • Three programmable audio EDID settings (2CH, 5.1CH and ADV) to support 3.5mm stereo / headphone, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 through SPDIF, and more advanced audio formats for HDMI receiver applications
  • Built-in amplified digital to analog audio converter (HDMI v1.3) to support 3.5mm output. works only if the incoming HDMI audio format is 2CH / stereo
  • Built-in digital audio extractor (HDMI v1.3) to support SPDIF optical audio output; support audio format up to Dolby Digital 5.1 / AC3, DTS 5.1CH and Dolby Digital Plus

Can you get 4K with HDMI Splitter?

So if you have a 4K source, a 4K TV and a 1080p TV, the 4K source will only send 1080p. The splitter won’t convert the signal to 1080p just for that TV. In theory you shouldn’t have copy protection issues… in theory. You should be able to send any content you want through a splitter to multiple TVs.

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Is there a HDMI splitter available?

Here are some of the best HDMI splitters you can find online. HDMI splitters come in handy when you need to tether multiple display devices to a single source or different sources to a single display device.

How do I connect 2 HDMI monitors to my laptop?

Use an adapter, such as an HDMI to DVI adapter. This works if you have two different ports for your laptop and your monitor. Use a switch spillter, such as a Display splitter to have two HDMI ports. This works if you have only one HDMI port on your laptop but you need to HDMI ports.

Will a HDMI splitter work for 2 monitors?

An HDMI splitter takes an HDMI video output from a device, like a Roku, and splits it into two separate audio and video streams. Once split, you can then send video to two separate monitors from a single source.

Does HDMI splitter affect quality?

Does HDMI splitter reduce quality? HDMI Splitters do not automatically reduce quality because they are copying a digital signal. But using lower quality hardware or a non-powered HDMI Splitter is less of a guarantee. Splitters used with very long HDMI cables may have signal quality issues due to the cable length.

What happens if your TV doesn’t have enough HDMI ports?

The easier and more affordable option is just to buy some extra ports in the form of an HDMI switch. An HDMI switch is essentially a hub that connects to one of your TV’s HDMI ports, and allows you to use that single HDMI port for multiple channels.

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Does a HDMI switch reduce quality?

In general, an HDMI switcher does not degrade the quality of media output. The only way HDMI switchers impact quality is if there is a signal loss that occurs because of a faulty connection and poor quality HDMI switches. Low-quality HDMI switches lead to image corruption and loss of audio quality.

What do I do if my TV has only one HDMI port?

You can use an HDMI splitter to connect and operate multiple devices through one HDMI port. An HDMI splitter simply has a cable with an HDMI plug on one side and on the other side (depending on the HDMI splitter type) you can have two, three and even four HDMI ports.

What HDMI splitter do I need?

Simple! All you need is a 1×2 HDMI splitter and the HDMI cables to run out to your devices. The Blu-ray player will plug into the HDMI splitter, and the HDMI splitter will plug into both televisions.

How do I choose an HDMI splitter?

Your choice between an HDMI cable splitter and an HDMI switch comes down to your needs. You should choose an HDMI cable splitter to mirror one HDMI input to multiple displays at once. If you want to switch between multiple HDMI inputs, displaying only one at a time, a switch is for you.

Can you run 2 monitors off 1 DisplayPort?

DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport allows you to daisy chain monitors with DisplayPort 1.2 ports. Daisy chaining describes the ability to connect a series of monitors to a single video output port on your computer or docking station.

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Can I use an HDMI splitter to extend not duplicate my laptop screen across two monitors?

A reader asks: Can I use an HDMI splitter to extend, not duplicate, my laptop screen across two monitors? A: Nope. An electronics splitter (audio or video) takes a single signal and splits it into two identical signals.

How long can a HDMI cable be before it loses quality?

Like many audio, video, and data cables, HDMI cords can suffer from signal degradation at longer lengths—50 feet is generally considered the maximum reliable length. And it’s rare to see an HDMI cable longer than 25 feet in a store. Even online, cables more than 50 feet long can be hard to find.

What is the difference between a splitter and a switch?

Functionality Difference An HDMI splitter accepts one source and casts it on more than one television screen. An HDMI switch, on the other hand, takes more one than source, and then sends it to one device or T.V. via the cable output.

Does a HDMI splitter cause lag?

As a general guide, HDMI splitters can cause lag. Every setup that uses an HDMI splitter adds milliseconds of latency which can cause minor versions of lag. The lag they cause, on the other hand, is not so significant that you would not notice it.

What do you do if your TV has 2 HDMI ports?

If you want a quick and easy fix you’ll need to purchase an HDMI switch, such as the SGEYR (on Amazon), and you don’t want to confuse it with an HDMI splitter. A switch provides you with additional ports, while a splitter only sends the same signal from one connected device to multiple TVs in the house.

How can I increase the number of HDMI ports on my TV?

You simply connect the HDMI switch’s output port to your TV via an HDMI cable, and then connect up to three other HDMI devices into the switch. This means it will in essence grant you an extra two ports, since you’re still using one of the TV’s ports to connect it all up.

Can I add extra HDMI ports to my TV?

An HDMI switch is the easy cost-efficient way to add more HDMI ports to your TV, and it can actually help you organize all of the messy cables that have snaked their way around your entertainment center.

Is there an automatic HDMI switch?

[AUTOMATIC INPUT SWITCHING] Fosmon’s HDMI switch is designed to intelligently switch between input devices automatically when they are powered on and off.

How do I choose an HDMI switch?

But if you wish to play the sound of streaming video on your Home theatre system then you need to look for the switches that support audio formats like as DTS-X, DTS-HD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD. So, before selecting your HDMI switch. Find out whether it is compatible with the audio system you have or not.

Do I need a powered HDMI switch?

Do HDMI Switches Need Power? No, not all HDMI switches need power. If there is a strong output HDMI signal from the source device, and the cable run isn’t too long, then a passive switcher without power will work fine.

Can I connect 2 TVs together?

Linking multiple TVs together is possible using a variety of different approaches. The type of link created depends largely on the display preference. The two televisions can link to a common cable box or media source to play the same picture or they can link to create one large picture.

Can you convert HDMI to DisplayPort?

The Cable Matters HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter provides a simple solution for connecting a laptop with an HDMI port to a DisplayPort monitor. Connect a USB cable to a computer USB port or USB wall charger to power the conversion from HDMI to DisplayPort.

Can I connect 2 monitors with HDMI?

If they each have another HDMI connection, you can use that. You might also be able to run a DisplayPort cable between both devices. Sometimes, though, you’ll have a mix of available connections between the PC and monitor. It’s common to have to run DisplayPort from the PC to HDMI on the second monitor.

Do Gold HDMI cables make a difference?

Gold-plated HDMI cables are of a higher grade, and they are better and larger conductors. They boast better shielding and are even more durable than regular HDMI cables. It is also true that gold-plated ends will not have the oxidation that may be found in regular HDMI cables.

Does expensive HDMI cable make difference?

Contrary to popular belief (and misinformation) HDMI cables don’t actually make all that much difference in overall picture quality. Sadly, people are still buying overpriced HDMI cables in droves, spending far too much money than necessary, believing they’ll get far better quality video.

How can I boost my HDMI signal?

The most common ways to extend the length of HDMI cables is by using an HDMI Balun kit, also known as an HDMI Extender. With an HDMI Balun kit, you simply plug your HDMI source into a base station which then converts the signal to be carried by an Ethernet cable, and converts back to HDMI at the destination.

Does HDMI splitter mirror?

In general, video splitters can only be used to mirror monitors. If you want to extend your desktop across monitors, you need to make a separate video connection for each monitor that you are attaching.

Is 2 HDMI ports enough?

Majority of the TVs out there have at least two HDMI ports — which is decent enough. But as mentioned earlier, the number of devices using HDMI ports out there in the market is on the increase. So having a TV with two (2) HDMI ports is just as good as having one.

How many HDMI ports should a TV have?

So ideally, you should get a TV that has at least 3 HDMI ports, two USB ports along with optical audio port. Also make sure that one HDMI and one USB port is on the side of the TV for ease of access.

Are all HDMI ports the same?

HDMI connectors are available in three sizes: standard, mini and micro. There are also different types of HDMI cable (see the chart below). Not all cables use the logo but the cable specifications should indicate whether it is Standard, High Speed, Premium High Speed or Ultra High Speed.

Why do some monitors have 2 HDMI ports?

Having multiple HDMI ports protects the monitor from being constantly plugged in and out, i.e. no need to change cables manually and this can save time as well. 4 Having 2 or more HDMI ports saves desk space as it doesn’t require any tools like an HDMI switch and splitter.

Do HDMI switches support CEC?

HDMI switchers plug into AC power and usually come with remote control for more convenient source selection. Some HDMI switchers also incorporate HDMI-CEC support, which allows the switcher to automatically go to the correct input of the most recently activated device.

Do HDMI switches add lag?

An HDMI switch can cause input lag, loss of signal, and poorer Audio/Video quality, especially if the switch is of poor build quality.

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